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Working with Parents

Working with Parents

At Buckden Day Nursery we are aware of the importance of working with the parents/carers of the children. Just as the child needs to feel secure and happy in the Nursery the parent needs to have the confidence in us that we are looking after, and caring for, their child.

Children are the most important members of our community and we encourage the development of their confidence and independence alongside care and respect for others. We welcome and value all our children irrespective of ability, religion, race, gender or culture, encouraging them all to fulfil their potential.
We aim to provide the necessary resources and training to support professional development and work in a self-evaluating culture with the continuous aim of raising achievement.

There are many aspects to our work with parents which contribute to these aims. These include:-

Informing Parents

• About the day to day organisation
• About their child’s learning

Responding to concerns

• Meeting with parents if there is a concern (expressed by parent or staff)
• Making the complaints procedure clear to parents

Informing parents by……

• Notices:- Information and requests are often posted on doors or windows
• Monthly newsletter:- published on the website (printed off on individual request)
• Website:- Lots of information for non-registered parents, once a child attends the Nursery then the parents have access to our existing parents section of the website which includes access to a forum, chefs pages, newsletter etc
• Facebook – Buckden Day Nursery has an official Facebook page
• Policies and Procedures:- These are available by the signing in desk
• Diaries:- Within the youngest baby room serves as a 2 way communication tool
• Daily sheets:- For all other children up to pre-school age. Contains all the child’s daily information
• Parents evenings:- once per year pre-school parents attend a meeting to discuss their child’s progress. If a parent cannot make the meeting then they can request an alternative time that is convenient for all. Prior to the meeting, parents are provided with their child’s Learning and Development Record as this gives them an insight and enables them to be able to have questions ready if needed
• Questionnaires:- Regular questionnaires are handed out for parent feedback on improvements and ideas. The Proprietor then analyses the responses and if needs be puts into place an action plan
• Suggestion forms:- Parents can make suggestion for improvement. This can be done anonymously or we state we can respond personally if the parent adds their name

Additional extras……

• “The WOW factor”:- an achievement board in Goldfish and Pre-school where parents can write what their child has achieved on a star and add it to the board for discussion between the child and their keyworker or within a small group
• “Patch-the Holiday bear”:- Our ‘bear with a background’. A child’s name is picked out of a hat and they take Patch home/on holiday and write about his adventures adding photos, stickers etc
• Oxford Reading Tree:- parents in Pre-school can borrow a picture book to take home and look at with their child, we also send an exercise book home for parents to record any comments

Special Events

• Church visits:- At Easter, Harvest Festival and Christmas
• Christmas play at the local school
• Extra curricular classes:- Spanish, Melody Bear dance, Music for Little People, Streetdancing, Monkeynastics