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To ensure the safety of the children that attend Buckden Day Nursery the procedures and policies are:

 If someone unknown to us is picking up a child we ask the parent to supply us with a password and description in advance. The password will be asked of the person collecting the child before they are allowed in to the main building.

 If we are not expecting anyone else to pick up a child the parent will be telephoned immediately. A member of staff will supervise the person who has arrived. This is also the case should we expect someone else to collect a child but they do not know the password. No access will be given unless the parent authorises it. (See Admissions and Departures)

 Visitors are asked to sign the visitor’s book on arrival.

 The staff are required to be vigilant while in the garden. If they see anything they are suspicious of they are to let Senior Management know immediately.

• There is a coded pad on the main door and also on the access door to the staff room to ensure no one unauthorised can wander in. The code is known only to staff. There are 2 fire exit doors downstairs which are inaccessible from the outside as well as 2 other doors (1 to the ball pool and 1 to the outdoor train) which are kept locked.