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Medication policy

Medication Policy

Non-prescribed medication
Non-prescribed medication (Calpol/teething gel etc) will not be administered without meeting 3 criteria.
1) Prior written permission: either on the child’s file or by the medication forms available from staff
(The recording of the administration of medicines is a legal requirement in all settings under Standard 7 of the Full Day Care: Guidance to the National Standards.)
2) It must be in its original unopened container/sachet with the packaging label clearly legible.
3) Even with prior written permission we will follow this procedure:-
– responses will be checked
– parents will be advised that we will monitor the childs progress when the medication starts to wear off (if the child has had medicine before arriving at the setting)
– if the child is of teething age we will administer medication only if staff feel it is appropriate.
– if the child shows signs of a high temperature (38.5° +) , or is not coping with the Nursery day then we will contact parents to ask for the child to be collected
– if a parent comes into Nursery stating that the GP has recommended non-prescribed pain relief this procedure will still be adhered to
This procedure is adhered to to avoid the danger of potentially “masking” something more serious and at all times our priority is the emotional and physical well being of the child
NB if a parent has not filled in a daily medication sheet and the child becomes ill during the day we will ALWAYS make verbal contact with the parents first and ask for email permission.

Prescribed medication
When a child is prescribed antibiotics or penicillin from a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist, parents will be asked to sign a form that states that their child has had antibiotics or penicillin previously and suffered no ill effect. If a child has not had the antibiotics previously we ask that the child remains at home for the first 24hours of taking the antibiotics to guard against any possible reactions they may have. The medicine must be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescribers instructions for administration.

We will not accept any medicines that have been taken out of their original container as dispensed.

We must be notified of any medicines that your child is taking even if we are not administering it, as an allergic reaction could still develop and the information may help to identify the problem.

Administering medicines
All medicines will only be administered and witnessed by a senior member of staff. Under no circumstances will a junior member of staff be permitted this responsibility. If a child refuses to take the medicine they will not be forced to. In this instance parents would be notified so that a decision can be made as to whether they come to the setting to administer the medication or whether they defer the dose until later on in the day at home.

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