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Major and minor accidents

Major and Minor accidents

Major accidents

1. A member of the Management team will assess the situation and decide whether the child needs to go immediately to hospital or whether the child can wait for the parents/main carer to collect the child
2. If the child needs to go straight to hospital an ambulance will be called. Then the parent/main carer will be contacted and arrangements will be made to meet the parent/main carer at the hospital
3. A Senior member of staff from the child’s room will accompany the child to hospital. The first aid co-ordinator will collect the necessary file and either go in the ambulance or follow by car.
4. If the child can wait for their parent/carer then they will be contacted and the child will be made as comfortable as possible. A member of staff will stay with the child until the child’s parent/main carer arrives. It will then be for the parent/main carer to decide whether to go to the hospital.
5. A report of the accident will be then written in the accident book and reported to the Health and Safety executive.

Minor accidents

1. The injury is assessed by the senior member of staff in the child’s room and if necessary the first aider and a member of the Senior Management team is called
2. The injury is then treated
3. The child is then resettled back in to their base room and observed
4. The incident is then recorded in the accident book and the parent/main carer is asked to sign and given a copy
5. The accident book is checked by the Health and Safety Co-ordinator on a regular basis for regular patterns

In either case the Child Protection co-ordinator will also be made aware.

The staff at Nursery must be convinced that the child has returned to good health before readmitting the child.

In the event of a major accident/incident OFSTED will be notified

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