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Health and Safety roles and responsibilities

Health and Safety

Roles and responsibilities

Proprietor Jane Roberts

• Providing safe resources and maintaining equipment. Checking with the Manager that everything is up to date

Nursery Manager Keeley Dooley Deputy Manager Faye Gibbon

• Checking risk assessments are correct, ensuring staff are following procedure

Health and Safety Co-ordinator Kim Choolun

• Ensuring procedures are being carried out correctly, updating risk assessments and checking equipment regularly

Fire Safety Co-ordinator Emma Bent

• Ensuring regular fire drills are carried out and reports filled in. Testing of fire drills weekly and awareness of maintenance of fire safety equipment. Paperwork written up as appropriate.

First Aid Co-ordinator Emma Bent

• Ensuring first aid training is kept up to date. Ensuring the first aid boxes are fully stocked and the accident/first aid book procedures are adhered to

All Senior Staff

To ensure that all staff are aware of Health and Safety procedures and the correct procedures are being adhered to for the safety of the parents, children and staff. To make sure equipment is in good working order and is checked on a regular basis.

All Staff

To ensure they are aware of the Health and Safety procedures by reading the policy. Checking equipment regularly and adhering to the correct procedures.


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