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Extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions

If weather is bad BEFORE Nursery starts

1. Please do not set off from home unless you are confident of getting to Nursery safely
2. Please telephone if you will not be bringing your child into Nursery
3. It is expected that staff will get into Nursery if they can do so without undue risk. We will attempt to run a day as normal as possible although it must be appreciated arrangements will be somewhat different
4. In the event of reduced staffing, please can you consider not bringing your child into Nursery if it is not essential for them to attend
5. Except in the most extreme circumstances Nursery will be open and we will endeavour to have someone here for 7.30am
6. Please check the website www.bbc.co.uk/cambridgeshire for information on whether we are open

If weather is bad DURING a Nursery day

1. If you are collecting your child early please telephone ahead so we can ensure they are ready for you
2. Staff will remain at Nursery until all children have been
3. Depending on the weather conditions during the day, Nursery may close early

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