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Emergency contingency plan

Emergency contingency plan

Should there be an emergency during the day and the building is unusable we would take all of the children to the primary school in the village. If the school was affected then we would go to the Millennium Hall. A member of the Senior Management team would take the contact numbers box and the parents would be telephoned. The situation would be explained and the decision whether to collect their child/ren would be left to them.

A message would be placed on the door for parents to inform them of where their children are if we have been unable to contact them.

If the Nursery building needs to be closed for more than 3 hours then we would contact parents and ask them to collect their child.


We have a pool of staff that we call upon when we are short staffed. If they are not police checked we ensure that they are strictly supervised at all times.

Staff only take breaks when there are sufficient staff on the premises.

Where necessary staff are asked to do overtime.

If a staff member goes sick during the day, then the Manager, where necessary, will step in.


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