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Data protection

Data Protection

To comply with Data protection legislation, any personal information that we hold is secure and confidential. Information regarding staff is kept in individual files in a locked filing cabinet. Only the Proprietor and Senior Management team have access to these records. Information held on parents and their children are also kept in individual files in a locked filing cabinet where again the only people with access is the Proprietor and the Senior Management team. A data protection certificate is also held on file in the filing cabinet.

Personal information used to collate registers, create invoices, create security passwords and so forth is held on a database where confidential information is accessed only by staff with “controller” status. Controller status is also needed to access the database main screen. The people listed in the first paragraph are the only staff with controller status.

Personal information regarding children must be kept for a minimum of 9 years.

Any confidential information no longer required will be shredded.

Any personal information is stored on a floppy disk in a locked container rather than on the hard drive of the computer.

No personal information will be shared with a third party unless we are expressly permitted, in writing, to do so by the person concerned.

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