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Conjunctivitis policy

Conjunctivitis Policy

From the onset of any signs of conjunctivitis or general eye infection/irritation the Nursery requires the child to be seen by a Doctor.

The Nursery requires written confirmation from the Doctor if no medication is prescribed (indicating a viral form of conjunctivitis) and the Doctor is happy for the child to attend Nursery. Providing there are less than four children in the same room (two children in the Tiddlers & Seahorse rooms) with viral conjunctivitis, the Nursery will admit the child. If these numbers are exceeded, then the cases of conjunctivitis are not isolated and the Nursery will have no option but to request the child remains at home in order to prevent an epidemic.

If medication is prescribed, the child can attend Nursery 24 hours after commencing the medication and providing the parent has signed the medication sheet with dosage and times.
Please note: without prior written consent we will not be able to administer medication.

The Nursery reserves the right to send any child home if senior staff feel that the child is not well enough to attend Nursery.

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