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Admissions procedure

Admissions procedures

At Buckden Day Nursery our policy is for the owner or Managers to show all prospective parents and children around the Nursery.
We prefer an appointment to have been made at a mutually convenient time for both parties to enable us to avoid our particularly busy periods (parent collection/drop off) and mealtimes.

When we are showing a parent around, staff are encouraged to explain the activities that are taking place in their own rooms within the nursery and also to show details of future planning.

We have a Registration form and Parent Contract that needs to be completed and signed by the parent before we accept admission. We do offer a trial session for all prospective children but details of contact numbers must be taken if a registration form has not been completed prior to the session.

Upon admission the parent can stay to see the child settled however there are occasions where it may be advisable to leave as the majority of children do settle once left. To reassure a parent we welcome telephone calls to check on how the child is throughout the day.

It must be stressed that children come first with regard to all activities and needs whilst in the care of Buckden Day Nursery.

“Buckden Day Nursery is Ofsted registered for 70 children”

The above statement is taken from the registration document and is the overriding policy in respect of admissions.

We never have discriminated, and never will discriminate against any child on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour or creed.

Required paperwork for registering a child:
Signed contract
Completed registration form
£25 registration fee
Completed emergency treatment consent form